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View2Vector (V2V) is a Windows program for converting SolidWorks HSF, EASM and EPRT files to editable vector DXF files and vector PDF documents. The EASM file type is primarily associated with 'eDrawings' by SolidWorks Corporation. eDrawings are based upon the HOOPS stream file format (hsf).

Use eDrawings to rotate, explode and section the view you want to enhance using vector editing tools or direct for placement into your electronic document. Save the file and reopen in View2Vector for any repositioning required and then output to DXF vector or PDF.

V2V is the perfect solution for high quality vector reproduction. NOW you can leverage 3D engineering data in your 2D vector environments without the expense of complex engineering software. This simple to use stand-alone utility will save you time and expense. V2V is perfect for producing high quality 2D vector images from 3D files for downstream use in VISIO, Adobe Illustrator, Corel, and many more common applications. V2V is a must have for technical writers, illustrators, and graphic designers.

User Instructions
Move the drawing with the arrow keys:
Arrow up + Arrow down Pitch (move along the Y-Axis)
Arrow left + Arrow right Yaw (move along the X-Axis)
Picture Up and Picture down (roll along the Z-Axis)
Pos1 sets every positioning and sizing back to default

The m key switches between minimal, middle and maximal details in EOMHLR mode.
The active option is marked with an x in the Menu.

Move the drawing:
1 = left 2 = right 3 = up 4 = down
F1 opens this Online-Help
F5 opens the Export to STL ascii dialog
F6 opens the Export to STL binary dialog
F7 opens the Export to PDF dialog
F8 opens the Export to DXF dialog
F9 opens the file-open dialog

Mousewheel up and down changes the camera distance

Left mouse button pressed and moving the mouse turns the drawing.

Right mouse button pressed and moving the mouse moves the drawing.
The drawing may be viewed as:
Wireframe (Wire),
Hidden Lines Removed (HLR),
Egde Only Mode (EOM), or
Egde Only plus HLR (EOMHLR)rendered.
(See Toolbar) or use the keys y, x, c, v to change the render method.
The F-key toggles between wireframe and filled modus.

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